DiGenO, a Distributed Genetic Optimizer
Dumpsterl: open-ended data exploration in NoSQL environments
gen_serial: Cross-platform serial port driver for Erlang
IR: LV2 Convolution Reverb
Payment matching done right
Reed-Solomon decoder IP core
Swedish-Hungarian dictionary for Android
Telemetry radio

More software

J-Ly: Hungarian spelling riddle (online web app)
UPSC-SNMP-Agent: Monitor your el-cheapo UPS via SNMP
Zutty: a high-end terminal for low-end systems
μMon: minimal host monitoring toolkit

Hardware (with software inside)

DCF77 clock with temperature & humidity sensor
The EMMA SuperTorch
SMT and the ultimate LCD-SPI interface
WiFi-clock: NTP client and SNMP agent

(Once Upon A Time I Played The) Guitar

Submareen: Decline
The Excalibur
Welcome to my basement