The Erlang/OTP maintainer team finally merged my modest pull request.

This is a small step in the direction of a more usable Erlang shell. As someone working daily with this interface, absence of support for these keys has been a major PITA, so I decided to improve the situation. The only turn-off to regular contribution was the rather long response time (I opened the pull request – adding a total of four lines to the codebase – on the 16th of June, mind you).

Anyway, there it is. One more pain point for me regarding this shell is that when I delete from inside a parenthesized section of a command line (i.e. the cursor is before the closing paren) the line after the closing paren tends to get garbled. This is fixable by hitting Ctrl-L to redraw the line. I only learned about this capability by looking at the Erlang terminal driver source, so it seems a bit hidden.